martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011


Hola amigas! hoy les dejo un tutorial para hacer una mariquita o San Antonio.
Que lo disfruten. 
Un beso.

I made this wee little Ladybug softie for Sadie Charlotte whoever got it first yesterday! Of course, I whipped out my Go! Baby cutter to cut the sah-weet (and so easy!) circles for the project. I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I try to hand-cut out circles perfectly, it never is meant to be. 
 There's always a wobble or two. (or forty) But this little baby cuts circles like nobody's business.

I made this little buggy with some wool blend felt, but it would be so cute in a fabric, too. Or fleece. I would just sew the pieces right sides together, then turn out and slip stitch the opening closed, if you use fabric that will fray.

So anyways! I cut out some large (5"), and medium (3") circles, with this die. (on sale right now!)

I cut the smaller dots out with this flower die.

I also cut a small strip of black for the middle, with my rotary cutter.

I pinned the dots into place....

And sewed around the edges of the dots with a tight zig zag stitch. (also called a satin stitch)

 Then I pinned the head into place, on each piece.

Then I sewed them together, making sure to sew in the same spot on each  pair of circles.

Then, wrong sides together, I pinned the head together. 

Then I sewed around the head with my black thread, close to the edge. Back stitch at the beginning and end!

Then I cut some 3" pieces of ribbon, folded them in half, and pinned them into the body to be his cute little legs!

Then sewed around the body with red thread, leaving a 2" gap in the buttocks area (lol) for stuffing. Back stitch at the beginning and end!

First, stuff the head, then sew across the neck. 

Continue stuffing the body until it's as stuffy as you like, then sew the opening closed!

You could add some jingle bells to make it a baby toy, and of course you could embroider or sew on some buttons for eyes and a face. I kept mine simple and sweet.


She's already made herself at  home in our azalea bush. Guess I might have to make her another buggy friend! Just not of the eight legged variety. ;)

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Tutorial Pantuflas

Se viene la época invernal, y que mejor proyecto que hacernos unas pantuflas en casa...
Aquí va el tuto.


Now that fall is here, I wake up every morning with cold toes- yes, even in Southern California. For a while I've been wanting to try making my own slippers with a fun and whimsical twist and my icy toes were the perfect excuse. This project could be altered and adapted in so many different ways and would be a great little handmade gift for the holidays.



I have a huge pile of colorful felt squares (those cheap ones you can buy for .29) and scraps of fleece and I decided that they were perfect to use for my slippers.

For the sole of the slipper, I started by tracing my foot onto a piece of felt. I traced it a little larger than the exact size of my foot so I would have a little room.

I then cut out the shape and used it as a template to cut out two pieces of fleece (two pieces for a little stability and for warmth).

All three pieces got stacked on top of each (the felt for the bottom and the fleece for the top) and then repeated for the second slipper.

With a zig zag stitch, I sewed all three pieces together around the edge of the sole.


Next, I cut out the top of the slipper from another piece of felt.


Again, I made it a little bigger than my actual foot.


I used different colors of felt and cut petals for the surface.


I sewed the petals down.


I created leaves with a free motion stitching.


After the flower petals were sewn to the surface I cut a piece of fleece to back the top of the slipper, leaving enough fleece to fold over.


With a zig zag stitch, I sewed the fleece to the felt.


I pinned the top panel to the sole and sewed it on the outside with a zig zag stitch.


I created another flower by cutting out petals,


and adding a dab of glue and pinching to create dimension.


I glued all of the petals together until it formed a flower.


I applied glue- Liquid Fusion- to the middle of the flower and sprinkled beads onto the glue and let dry.

Last, I glued the leaves and the flower to the top of the slipper.

I just couldn't resist hand sewing some more of the beads to the edges.



And there you have it- a pair of bright, fun and whimsical slippers for my cold toes :)

Un beso a todas!!

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Aprontando la navidad. Tutorial Papa Noel.

Ya estamos pensando que hacer para decorar nuestras casas en navidad? 

Aquí les muestro una buena y fácil idea, se puede colgar en el árbol o en una puerta o puede ser también un detalle para regalar.

Manos a la obra!!!

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Tutorial Monederos en fieltro

Para hoy un tuto para las mas jovencitas, un monedero con aplicación en fieltro.

I've been busy making patterns and samples and here's what you could make (if you'd like to join in!)
2-layer handstitched cupcake purses!
Complete with an easy sew-in zip that the most terrified zip-sewer can conquer!
This post has A LOT of photos to guide you through the process, I hope they make the instructions easy to understand ::

To print the pattern simply right click the picture, save to your computer and print. It fits onto one piece of A4 paper.
Cut out :: 2 purse pieces & 1 of each cupcake piece. You'll also need to pick some co-ordinating ribbon, a button and a 4" zip.
On one of the purse pieces stitch the ribbon into position.
Stitch the ribbon to your cupcake piece.
Make sure the ends of the ribbon are tucked underneath and then they can't fray.
Pin you cupcake into position and stitch at right angles to the edge.
Pin your cupcake icing into position and again, stitch at right angles to the edge.
Sew your button on using a two strands of thread (it's stronger)
Once your purse is decorated it's time to conquer the zipper!
pin the zip to the decorated layer of your purse.
Carefully lay the two pieces on top of each other insuring the edges are lined up. Pin the two layers together.
Once your purse is all pinned together you need to adjust the pins that are holding your zip in position so they are also pinned through both layers. It's worth taking your time over this, making sure everything is nicely lined up and securly pinned.
the back should look like this.
before starting to sew the zip gently slide the slider back and forth to make sure it slides smoothly.
Start to stitch the zip in using a neat straight stitch.
before passing the needle all the way through turn the purse over to make sure that your underside stitches are the same distance away from the zip. Being patient and taking your time at this step will make or break your purse!
Once you have finished stitching the front looks like this.
and the back like this.
Now you have mastered zips! Hurrah!
The next step is to fold your purse over and pin all 4 layers together.
Felt is very forgiving and you will be able to manipulate the edges so they are lined up very neatly.
These next photos explain my way of blanket stitching...if you can already blanket stitch you can skip this bit :-)
Pass your needle through the back 2 layers of the purse
push your needle through from the back as close to your thread as possible.
pull the thread through but leave a little loop.
pass your needle through the loop (from front to back) and pull it firmly.
You've just done your first blanket stitch.
repeat the steps...needle through from the back to the front...
...leave a loop, needle through the loop from front to back, pull firmly, next stitch.
the secret to neat blanket stitches (according to little old me) is to keep the horizontal stitch the same length as the vertical stitch. The more you practise judging it by eye the easier it will's also easier if you do a larger blanket stitch (about 5mm)
keep stitching round the curves
and tra-la! you've made your very own cupcake purse....
...complete with zip !!
The decorations you can use on this purse are un-limited, I made a pink & a blue one and will be making lots more, in all sorts of colours and with all sorts of decorations. I have set up a flick:r group and would love it if you'd all add your purses to it too :-)
Have fun sewing & let me know if the instructions don't make sense!!