viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

Tutorial: Diadema o Vincha en fieltro

Hola chicas, hoy les traigo otro tuto para hacer una guapisima diadema o vincha en fieltro( en inglés).
Espero les guste.
Un beso.

A few months ago I bought some beautiful wool felt in colors that reminded me of the peacocks roaming our backyard when I was younger. Project after project came about from the felt, but I knew I was going to have to pay tribute to those vain little birds.

For Halloween my daughter was a can-can dancer and as I made her headpiece I got excited about feathers, they looked so cute in her hair. This headband is a little less dressy and a little more playful than real feathers.

You need: felt scraps, a headband, ribbon wide enough to cover the headband, and a glue gun.  Click "Read More" for full directions and down-loadable pattern.

Hot glue ribbon to headband, wrapping around bottom edge. 

Cut the shapes from the felt, I used a disappearing marker to trace the shapes first.  Download shape pattern here.

Stack the shapes and trim, if necessary. Glue pieces together.
Arrange on headband and carefully glue in place.

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  1. Si que te ha quedado bellisima y origiinal
    Muy lindos los colores
    Gracias por compartir tu tutorial
    Besitos Victoria

  2. Sólo vengo a agradecerte que hayas elegido mi Blog para seguirlo. De estas cosas que vos enseñás, yo, nada. Pero me encantó que vivas en un pueblo de montaña, cuenta algo sobre eso!!! U abrazo uruguayo. Wilson