viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Tutorial: La capa de Superman

Hola a todas! hoy les dejo un tutorial que encontré para los mas chiquitines, les va a encantar, las capas de superman!!!
Un trabajito fácil, rápido y muy resultón.

Que aprovechen!

I am “super” excited about this little tutorial!!  This Father’s Day, we will be celebrating in super-hero style!  One of our silly traditions is to dress up and celebrate Father’s Day in some goofy way.  So this is how we will be celebrating Father’s Day… each of us with our own superman capes!

I did a few quick measurements on the hubs (top secret, of course!), Little Man, and myself.  I measured neck circumference (for the hole of the cape), width across the shoulders, width across the back, and the length from shoulders to end of back.  I added a few extra inches to all my measurements to make them extra big.  I folded my felt and cut it to the appropriate length.  Then I cut snips at my bottom and top (using my measurements for back width at bottom and shoulder width at the top).  I cut a straight line between my two snips to give it a cape shape.

Using my neck circumference, I cut a hole (still folded) for the head.

Because I wanted our capes to be double thickness for extra durability, I used the first cape as my pattern and cut out a second!

I printed off a superman logo and cut it apart so that I could use it as a pattern.  I made a smaller pattern for Little Man’s cape and a larger pattern for the adult capes.

I pinned everywhere and sewed the 2 layers together.

Sewing around the logo was a little tricky, but if I can do it, so can you!

Last thing!  I snipped the neck apart and added 2 velcro squares so it could attach easily.

I just had to see Little Man in his cape!  So tonight, he strutted his stuff in super-baby style before going to bed.  Doesn’t he look adorable in his Elmo slippers and Superman cape??  One thing is for sure, this is one SUPER kiddo.

And that’s it!!  This was the easiest thing I have made in a long, long time.  And I know Little Man will only enjoy it more and more as he gets older!  I can’t wait to surprise Super- hubs with our cheezy-ness on Father’s Day!

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  1. Divino ese super-bebe-superman,gracias por el tutorial.

  2. qué pasada!!!
    una cosa no te he podido responder porque tienes el no-reply en tus comentarios :(

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