viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Bolas de navidad

How To: Vintage Felt Baubles

Time for a bit of Christmas crafting, with a tutorial for felt ornaments inspired by vintage glass baubles.

I designed these baubles for Sew Hip last year, but I thought they'd be perfect to share with you all as part of my Crafty Christmas series :)

To make your own baubles you will need:

- The templates at the bottom of this post
- Craft felt in white, grey and a selection of bright candy colours (or whatever colour scheme you've chosen)
- Ric rac, plus matching embroidery thread
- Matching sewing threads for all the felt & ric rac colours you're using
- Narrow ribbon
- A sewing needle, pins, sewing scissors and a large needle

1) First cut out your pattern pieces from the templates provided. For each ornament (a circle or a teardrop) you need to cut out two main bauble shapes in a bright colour (C1 or T1), one wide band of white felt (C2 or T2), one narrower band of a second bright colour (C3 or T3) and one small ‘cap’ piece from grey felt (TC).

2) Position the wide white band onto the middle of one of your bauble shapes so the edges match up. Pin the band in place and stitch around the edges with a line of simple straight stitches in white thread.

3) Next place the narrower coloured band of felt in the centre of the white band, pin or hold it in place and stitch around the edges with a line of straight stitches in matching thread.

4) Cut a length of bright ric rac at least five cms longer than the width of the ornament. Hold it in position so it overlaps the ornament by a couple of cms at each end and slowly sew it in place with matching thread, gradually curving the ric rac to match the curve of the felt band.

5) When you reach the end of the band, fold the spare ric rac over the edge taking care not to distort the shape of the ornament. Trim any excess ric rac and stitch the end in place with small whip stitches. Repeat this for the other end.

6) Thread a large needle with embroidery thread in the same colour as the ric rac and sew two decorative lines a few mms from the top and bottom of the band, following its curve. Use back stitch or, if you prefer, sew a line of straight stitches and then double back on yourself and fill in the gaps between the stitches.

7) Place the small grey cap piece at the top of your ornament and sew it in place using vertical stitches in white or light grey thread. Then turn the ornament over so you can see the back and all your workings.

8) Cut a four and a half inch length of narrow ribbon, fold it to make loop and sew the ends in place at the top of the ornament using small whip stitches.
9) Place the front and back bauble pieces together so the ribbon ends are sandwiched between them and the decorated side of the bauble is facing outwards. Sew them together with a line of straight stitches around the edge in thread the same colour as your main bauble shape. Finally, finish your stitches as neatly as possible on the back of the ornament.

Here are the templates - double click to view full size and print at 100%. I've included a scale so you can check if you've printed them at the right size, but you can obviously print them larger or smaller if you prefer :)

This tutorial is for non commercial use only: you can use it for as many ornaments as you like for yourself or as gifts for friends but please don't make any for sale. Please feel free to borrow photos if you want to blog about this project, but remember to credit me and link back to the original source, and do not reproduce my entire tutorial on your site. Thanks!

Want to make more baubles? You can also try these simple felt baubles decorated with sequins.

lunes, 23 de julio de 2012


Jellyfish Tutorial


small pieces of felt in white and pink (or the jellyfishy colors of your choice)
a bit of stuffing
a five(ish) inch piece of ribbon for hanging


sharp scissors
sewing machine or needle and thread (in pink and white)
printed templates (below)

Cut out paper templates; pin to felt and cut the number of shapes indicated by the template. (For the teardrop shapes, I traced the templates, since pinning such small bits is hard.)
Position the white teardrop pieces on the pink bell pieces and fasten with a whip stitch or running stitch if you're sewing your jellyfish by hand. Alternately, you can attach with your machine.
To create the tentacles, cut each felt circle (3) in a spiral beginning at the outside and working your way in to the center.

Position the top of each tentacle between the two lower-body pieces, so each aligns with one of the three lobes. Pin and sew the two lower-body pieces together, making sure to catch all three tentacles between them. (Again, you can use a whip stitch or running stitch or sew the pieces together on your machine.)
Insert the lower body at the center bottom between the two bell pieces and pin. Beginning near the top, sew the two bell pieces together, securing the lower body between them and leaving an opening (as marked on the template) at the top for stuffing.
As you sew closed the opening, catch the ends of the ribbon, folded in half, in your stitches, and voila!
I've made one jellyfish on my sewing machine and one by hand--the machine version is neater and quicker, but you can make the hand sewn version while you stream episodes of Felicity on Netflix, so it's a tough call.

(If you enlarge or shrink the pattern pieces, you can make these in many sizes--attach them to a wooden hoop and you'd have a lovely mobile. The pattern pieces could also easily be used to create jellyfish applique. Have fun!)

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Paso a paso: 3 diademas

I decided I wanted some more! And more couldn't hurt really.

Don't you feel like you look the same everyday in the Winter? I do. Because I have to put on a winter coat and snow boots when I go anywhere between December and  April I feel like I look like I am wearing the same thing everyday.

Why not spice it up with a variety of different hats/headbands, and scarves?

So that is what I have begun to do. Here are some more headbands. I plan to make at least one more new scarf and maybe a sweater hat.

I have also put together a more detailed tutorial this time for the ear warmers.

So here goes:
1. Cut a headband at about 24 inches by 4-5 inches {mine was about 4 3/4 inches before sewing}. Taper the ends if you want.

*STOP here and go to step #6 if you do not want the pleats.

2. Then cut 2.5-3 inch by 5 inch rectangles. I cut nine but only used seven.
3. Lay it in the opposite direction that you want it to end up.
 4. Sew the rectangle on the inside...side...for lack of a better word. Then flip it over. Lay your next piece on laying in the wrong direction and sew again...then flip...then lay a new piece and sew....repeat until you use all your pieces or until you get the look you want. Then sew the last piece on on the non-flipped side.
5. You should end up with a headband that looks like the left image. Press it flat with your hand a bit. Trim.
6. Hem headband all the way around with a quarter inch seam.
7. Add a button hole or two. I did two for my first one but I have found that one is just fine. I have a button hole maker on my sewing machine but I can't figure out the dang thing so I just zig zag stitch a rectangle. Yes...I need to work on making it narrower. {Cringe}

8. Sew a button machine or by hand. I do it by hand.
9. Cut flower petals and hand sew on. To place the flowers I put the headband on and then I move then flowers around so I know how it will look on my head. I hand sew the flowers so I can pull it tight in the centers and make the flower pucker a little bit in the middle.

All done.

The yellow was a bit brighter on my head than I thought it would be...probably because I have black hair. It is warm...that is sure. The fleece is a bit thick though...still thinking about it.

Did you notice the fleece from this project. :)

You can make these however you want. I used the sleeve of this too small thermal knit shirt
for this red one.