jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Paso a paso: 3 diademas

I decided I wanted some more! And more couldn't hurt really.

Don't you feel like you look the same everyday in the Winter? I do. Because I have to put on a winter coat and snow boots when I go anywhere between December and  April I feel like I look like I am wearing the same thing everyday.

Why not spice it up with a variety of different hats/headbands, and scarves?

So that is what I have begun to do. Here are some more headbands. I plan to make at least one more new scarf and maybe a sweater hat.

I have also put together a more detailed tutorial this time for the ear warmers.

So here goes:
1. Cut a headband at about 24 inches by 4-5 inches {mine was about 4 3/4 inches before sewing}. Taper the ends if you want.

*STOP here and go to step #6 if you do not want the pleats.

2. Then cut 2.5-3 inch by 5 inch rectangles. I cut nine but only used seven.
3. Lay it in the opposite direction that you want it to end up.
 4. Sew the rectangle on the inside...side...for lack of a better word. Then flip it over. Lay your next piece on laying in the wrong direction and sew again...then flip...then lay a new piece and sew....repeat until you use all your pieces or until you get the look you want. Then sew the last piece on on the non-flipped side.
5. You should end up with a headband that looks like the left image. Press it flat with your hand a bit. Trim.
6. Hem headband all the way around with a quarter inch seam.
7. Add a button hole or two. I did two for my first one but I have found that one is just fine. I have a button hole maker on my sewing machine but I can't figure out the dang thing so I just zig zag stitch a rectangle. Yes...I need to work on making it narrower. {Cringe}

8. Sew a button machine or by hand. I do it by hand.
9. Cut flower petals and hand sew on. To place the flowers I put the headband on and then I move then flowers around so I know how it will look on my head. I hand sew the flowers so I can pull it tight in the centers and make the flower pucker a little bit in the middle.

All done.

The yellow was a bit brighter on my head than I thought it would be...probably because I have black hair. It is warm...that is sure. The fleece is a bit thick though...still thinking about it.

Did you notice the fleece from this project. :)

You can make these however you want. I used the sleeve of this too small thermal knit shirt
for this red one.

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  1. Que lindas!!!! gracias por compartir estas super-ideas!!!!!

    Un gran abrazo.

  2. hola amiga que bonito blog,ya te sigo,y te felicito por todas las cosas bonitas que haces,gracias por compartir,,,buen dia...besos

  3. Menuda artista estas hecha, que preciosidad de cintas.

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